Chad Kroeger, heart Avril Lavigne?

Oh! The horror!

According to  the CBC, Canadian warbler Avril Lavigne has plans to marry Knucklehead  vocalist and Canadian drunk Chad Turton, AKA Chad Kroeger.

A, “spokeswoman for Avril Lavigne has confirmed a People magazine report that says the pop-punker is engaged to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, says the story, adding,

“The magazine says Kroeger popped the question after a six-month courtship that seemingly … completely  “under” (no;  not the weather but  “under the radar of media outlets and fans alike.”)

Turton AKA Kroeger  also wored as a front man for  the McDonald’s  greasy food franchise.


Meanwhile, Turton, AKA Kroeger apparently decided not to challenge his  DUI conviction for speeding in his Lamborghini after he’d had too much to drink.

 Jon Newton –

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