Google Sneak View penetrates the far North

It’s a reality off-line and on that giant US advertising and data mining company Google is all-pervasive, and one of its most “pernicious scams  (sorry, ‘services’) involves  employing purpose-designed company cars  to snap pictures of people  and their houses  anywhere and everywhere  and using them without permission of the owners,”  I posted recently.

I was referring to  its Streetview Snoopmobiles — you know,  those cars with panoramic cameras mounted on the roofs which tour the highways and byways of the world,  snapping pictures of you,  your house, your car  — wherever you happen to be —  and all without your knowledge , unless you happen to spot one  cruising your town.

Thinly disguised and pomoted as a ‘service, it’s  little more than  an advertising  and data collection hook.

Nothing  and nowhere is sacred  and nothing and nowhere is safe,  not even the far North.

On the right  is a Google spy-trike  patrolling Cambridge Bay, in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, Canada.

Says the Google blog proudly,

“Now we’re pedaling the Street View trike around the gravel roads of the hamlet and using a tripod—the same used to capture business interiors—to collect imagery of these amazing places.

“We’ll train Chris and others in the community to use some of this equipment so they can travel to other communities in Nunavut and continue to build the most comprehensive and accurate map of Canada’s Arctic.

Who needs explorers  when we have Gargoyle?

The mind boggles

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