Putin, ‘lighting the fires of revolution,’ Pussy Riot

Anonymous hacktivists penetrated the official website of a Moscow court which sentenced three Pussy Riot band members to two years in jail, says Anon News.

“For some time its front page was defaced with obscenities and video clip of a Bulgarian transvestite singer, says the story, going on:

“On Tuesday morning, the website of the Khamovnichesky District Court was unavailable for a period, with the only inscription saying it ‘was under information upload’. 

“When the site finally became available to users, instead of legal information, it featured a message urging to free the three jailed Pussy Riot members, showed a provocative video clip of controversial Bulgarian transvestite singer Azis, along with some mocking postings.,”

It adds, “Some of the website sections featured provocative comments attached to the names of the sections. For example, the section “Judicial Community’ was extended to “Judicial Community – we’d shoot you dead in due time’. 

“Judicial practice’had ‘could not be worse’ next to it, “Online reception ‘read ‘we won’t help you anyway”, and “information” was expanded with “we know all about you.”

“The section with the contact information on the Moscow’s Central District Administration and District Law Enforcement bodies was labeled ‘Liars and Promisers.’

A new song by punk band Pussy Riot called ‘Putin is Lighting the Fires of the Revolution” was also uploaded to the site.

Meanwhile, Madonna  has  ‘leapt’ to the defence of Pussy Riot,

  “The true-blue Madonna, whose MDNA Tour hits Scotiabank Place on Sept. 10, emerged when she took the stage for her Moscow concert in early August, says the Ottawa Citizen.

“She stripped off her shirt to reveal the words ‘Pussy Riot’written on her back, then put on a balaclava, Pussy Riot’s favourite fashion accessory, before singing her hit Like A Virgin,

“I mean no disrespect to the church or the government, but I think that these three girls — Masha, Katya, Nadya — have done something courageous, have paid the price for their act, and I pray for their freedom,” Madonna said from the stage.

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