Bloody Disgrace book

You could almost start a blog detailing the sins of Mark Zuckerberg’s
data mining and advertising site Fa$ebook:

Maybe call it bloody Disgrace book.

Anyway,   there’s an item on Pogo was Right   linking to Avi Charkam‘s post on TechCrunch which goes:

“Do you know how many apps access your personal information?”

Well, do you?

It continues, “Check your Facebook apps permissions and get ready for a surprise.

“In fact, Facebook keeps ‘improving’ their design so that more of us will add apps on Facebook without realizing we’re granting those apps (and their creators) access to our personal information. After all, this access to our information and identity is the currency Facebook is trading in and what is driving its stock up or down.

“It should be no surprise that in the new App Center Facebook made another leap forward in their efforts to get you to expose your personal info without realizing you’re doing so.”

No surprise 😉

And no need to stay tuned :

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