Google sneak view Street View car comes to a bad end ;)

Google Sneak View penetrates the far North,  was the headline to a recent dammit story.

It went on to suggest that when it comes to  Google’s sneak view mapping product, privacy doesn’t exist.

In fact, “Nothing  and nowhere is sacred  and nothing and nowhere is safe, not even the far North,” I said never suspecting  how very true that was

My story told of  the arrival of one of Google’s sneak view snoopmobiles on the barren shores of Cambridge Bay, in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, Canada.

But how about the barren slope of a rocky hill in northern India?

“It’s not every day that you stumble upon an abandoned Google StreetView Camera car in the middle of nowhere,” says Carscoop,” going on.

“And since you are bound to ask, by ‘nowhere’ we mean down a rocky hill in the Leh district of northern India.

“An unidentified man who sounds like he has an American or a Canadian accent captured a film of the aftermath. The video shows the high standing camera-equipped Opel Astra hatchback (previous generation) facing down the hill with its front smashed up on the rocks.

“Another young man in the video is shown throwing rocks on the German model. We don’t know if these men discovered the car by accident or if they were actually the drivers.

“What we did find is additional photos of the crash on a one Pit Kellers’ Flickr account, which you can check out here: Link1, Link2 and Link3.”

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