We Fight Censorship.org

WeFightCensorship to join Wikileaks and Cryptome:

That’s the headline to a Zero Paid story which goes on:

“A new anti-censorship website is set to launch in October, founded by the press freedom lobbyist organisation, Reporters Without Borders.

“Known as WeFightCensorship.com, the site will offer a place where banned or censored files, images and materials can be posted without fear of identification or backlash from oppressive government regimes. This is a similar setup to the one seen with sites like Wikileaks and Cryptome, where users are encouraged to submit revealing information about government officials and organisations.

“Currently WeFightCensorship is only showing a static page featuring a prison cell door and a keyhole logo. The tagline is “Let’s shelter the news,” with the creators suggesting that the site would act like a: “virtual shelter,” for sensitive information that the public deserves to see.
(Anyone wanting to sign up for updates and early access, should head over to  with Round One. The  start-bell rings in October, 2012.)

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