FISA spying bill passes the house

FISA, better known  to the general public as The spying Bill, “just passed the house,” Tweets the EFF.

But, it promises,  “it’s not over:  we’re taking the fight to the Senate.”

Says Mike Masnick  on TechDirt:

“This is getting more ridiculous by the day. We’ve been covering how the NSA refuses to admit how many Americans are being spied upon via a secret interpretation of the FISA Amendments Act — and how Congress’ response is to pretend that as long as they stick their head in the sand, the NSA couldn’t possibly be abusing the law.

“Rep. Dan Lungren literally said that he sees no reason to be worried because he hasn’t seen any evidence that it’s being used to spy on Americans. But that’s only true if you are being willfully blind. The NSA has refused basic requests to reveal non-confidential info, ridiculously claiming it would violate the privacy of Americans to admit how many Americans were being spied upon. Meanwhile, Julian Sanchez’s attempt to reveal some info via a Freedom of Information Act request is being stonewalled by the feds.”

He adds,  “If you find this worrisome (and you should), the ACLU has set up an an action page to contact your elected officials and ask them to do their jobs and find out the details before just rubber-stamping the extension of the FISA Amendments Act.”

Definitely stay tuned.

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