Caravan for peace


Raising awareness for the victims of Mexico’s war on drugs.

That’s the central theme  of a caravan that’s been wending its way  across the US.

Final stop? Washington DC.

Javier Sicilia and Mexico’s Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity led The caravan , calling for an end to the drug war. It began in San Diego  in August and visited two dozen  US cities on its way to  the capital.

“Javier Sicilia, the poet whose son and a group of friends were smothered to death last year, has played a crucial role in building the movement for peace, says the webpage,   continuing,

“He has engaged the media and state institutions while leading major caravans to both the north and south of Mexico—visiting and bringing light in Mexico’s most damaged cities and regions. ”

It adds,

“Sicilia and other movement leaders see a caravan against the drug war that underscores the role of the United States, as logical extension of the movement’s work in Mexico. Drug war ideology was born in the United States — putting an end to it must start here too.

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