Jon Newton’s new blog

Hi, p2pnet readers, and anyone else who may happen along:

I’ve had several emails asking how things are going since I had to stop publishing p2pnet.

I’m doing really well, slowly regaining my lost faculties, thanks to neuro- plasticity,  the miracle by which  the brain quite literally  rewires itself,  (that’s pretty cool, actually 🙂 and the  non-stop support of my wife, Liz,  and my daughter, Emma,

For a while,  I was paralysed down my left side,  but I quickly recovered use of my limbs,  although my brain is taking a little longer 🙂 however, I still have  a certain amount of confusion about  what my right and left hands are doing at any given time.

For those who aren’t familiar with my tale of woe, I recently had two heart attacks which necessitated a quadruple coronary bypass. During surgery, I had a stroke  which caused the paralysis,  and  loss of vision.

It also created a strange phenomenon known as left neglect which means although I can ‘see’ things on my left, my brain frequently doesn’t register them, which results in collisions, and occasional dropped plates  on the few occasions  that I do the washing up.

I now have a collapsible white cane not so I can ‘tap’ my way around, but so other people will see me coming 🙂

I haven’t stopped writing, nor do I intend to. As part of my continuing recovery process, I’ve launched this blog. In it, as I just told a couple of friends, I intend to write about anything which pisses me off, which is anti-freedom of speech, or which is repressive.

Or anything else  that’s impossible to pass up 😉

So stay tuned — as always:)

Cheers, and all the best …

Jon Newton, formerly of p2pnet.