We must have Astral, says Bell

On the heels of  a  misleading advertising lawsuit launched by the competition Bureau, Bell, one of the  three defendants, says if it’s to compete in the digital world it’ll need specialty TV and radio station company Astral Media.

“If the $3.4-billion deal is shot down, Astral’s assets will ultimately be split up, guaranteeing the continued foreign dominance in every way that online content is delivered,” CEO George Cope is quoted as saying by the Canadian Press. .

Astral own 25 channels, including The Movie Network, HBO Canada and French -language Super Ecran, Family Channel and Disney Junior and more than 80 radio stations, says CP, adding.

“Canada should not have to wait any longer to deploy a viable, national multi-platform solution, backed by a company with the resources to compete against well-funded global competitors,” Cope declared on the final day of the regulatory hearing.