Occupy Wall Street — DAY 368! (one year old : )

Almost a year ago, I did a p2pnet news roundup of some of the hundreds of stories on the occupy Wall Street phenomenon, launched by Canada’s Ad Busters magazine and quickly espoused  by supporters of Anonymous around the world

It’s now a well-established international movement and below  is a Roundup of Google stories focusing on OWS  media and events.

And here’s what’s on,Adbusters  since  which, lest we forget,  started it all.  And on the left is the pic accompanying the post >>>

We don’t want Starbucks dominating the coffeehouses of the
world. We don’t want bookstores buying other bookstores in other towns and we don’t want any Amazon.com shutting down our local bookstores or turning reading solely into an internet experience. We don’t want banks buying other banks, or banks buying corporations, or banks or corporations buying governments. We don’t want military contractors like General Electric buying up mass media. We don’t want Rupert Murdoch owning hundreds of newspapers and broadcast outlets. We don’t want some rich guy coming into our neighborhood and buying up all the property and local businesses for himself. We don’t want a few companies like Google or Apple or Facebook dominating global communications.

  1. NEWS.com.au
    1. Occupy Wall Street Is Back – and So Are the Citizen Journalists

      Occupy Wall Street Is Back – and So Are the Citizen Journalists action, while his Samsung Galaxy S II fed streaming video to an Occupy blog.
  2. Occupy protesters attempt to ‘shut down’ Wall Street on anniversary

    news.yahoo.com/blogs/…/occupywallstreet-a…United States
    6 hours ago – From the blog The Lookout: More than 100 protesters were arrested in lower Manhattan on Monday during demonstrations marking the first
  3. Occupy Wall St. anniversary plan stymied by NYPD, low turnout

    news.yahoo.com/blogs/…/occupywallst-anniversary-pl…United States

    3 hours ago – From the blog The Lookout: The turnout was smaller than expected and dozens of arrests dogged the Occupy Wall Street’s one-year

  4. Bloggers Back the Occupy Wall Street Protests | Project for

    www.journalism.org › News Index

    “We’re still here,” posted the Occupy Wall Street blog the next day. “Today, we occupied Wall Street from the heart of the Financial District. Starting at 8:00 AM,

  5. Nearly 150 Protesters Arrested on Occupy Wall Street Anniversary


    7 hours ago – Hundreds of protesters marking the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement were met by a heavy police presence as they

  6. Wall Street – Businessweek


    Scott Brown, Wall Street’s Hope to Stop Elizabeth Warren. Why the Massachusetts Wall Street detests a lot of what’s in it—but likes the cover it provides

  7. Occupy Wall Street protesters gather to mark 1-year anniversary – CBC


    6 hours ago – Community · Community Blog · Your Community. Occupy Wall Street protesters gather to mark 1-year anniversary. by Andrea Bellemare

  8. AR Occupy Wall StreetBlog


    This site is dedicated to the augmented reality occupation of Wall Street #arOCCUPYWALLSTREET in conjunction with the #OCCUPYWALLSTREET movement.

  9. Protesters Arrested In New York City During Occupy Wall Street


    6 hours ago – Occupy Wall Street Marks One-Year Anniversary With Protests. NEW YORK, NY …. live blog. Oldest Newest. 135 Total Arrests In New York

  10. Peter Marcuse’s Blog | Critical planning and other thoughts


    4 days ago – There are five blogs dealing with: the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Right to the City Alliances, as representative of the 99%, who is in …A

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