Cyber attack warning for US banks

The FS-ISAC  (Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center) says it’s raised its Cyber Threat Level  to High.

“Issues of concern include the recent credible intelligence regarding the potential for DDoS and other cyber attacks against financial institutions,” he says, adding.

“Additionally, Microsoft is aware of targeted attacks via active exploitation of a zero-day remote code execution vulnerability in Internet Explorer. Members should maintain a heightened level of awareness, apply all appropriate updates and update AV and IDS/IPS signatures, and ensure constant diligence in monitoring and quick response to any malicious events.

it, “turned out out that some unnamed individual posted a statement online, where they threatened to attack Bank of America and the New York Stock Exchange as part of a campaign against American corporations,” says, Snowbird Computr, adding

“Industry experts are sure that the campaign and attacks were because of the anti-Islam movie which has made its way around the web. In the meantime, Dan Holden, head of security research at Arbor Networks, also confirmed that a few American banks were under assault by a DDoS campaign.

“In other words, it seems that the hacker attacks are quite big and targeted at disrupting the official sites and other computer systems at the targeted entity. This is usually done though distributed denial of service attacks, i.e. by overwhelming the networks of the company with traffic.

“Last week the FBI has also announced a posture feefraud alert’, which advised financial services companies that cyber criminals might be disrupting service to their official sites in attempt to prevent the financial institutions from detecting a recent surge in fraudulent large-sized wire transfers. As for the alleged reason for the cyber attacks, the Feds believe that anti-Islam movie will only be used as cover for bank hacking. Anyway, regardless of the reason, the US banks are alert and should cope with the attacks.”

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