Did you enjoy the ride?

The day before yesterday,  my wife and I were forced to file for bankruptcy,  and as a direct result, we’re also going to have to  apply for social welfare. Until now, we’ve always paid our own way  and we hate like hell having to look to the state  for support.

At the same time I’m facing life-changing health problems.

Meanwhile, and not at all incidentally, at a Supreme Court hearing in which I was the central figure, Vancouver businessman Wayne Crookes tried to freeze the net by having the decision by BC Appeals Court judge Stephen Kelleher that linking is not the same as publishing reversed.

If he’d succeeded,  it would’ve meant the end of the Internet in Canada  and would’ve echoed loudly  around the world.

All kinds of high-priced  corporate lawyers  were at the hearing, representing all kinds of  big fat corporate clients, such as Google  and Yahoo, for big fat fees.

Dan Burnett of  the Vancouver law firm Owen Bird defended me pro bono  in  this milestone Supreme Court of Canada  hyperlinking case, and he  wrote to me privately, “your name will have a positive impact on the law for many years to come. It has already been cited by courts at all levels across Canada and received attention internationally. ”

That’s wonderful and I’m proud  to be  a central figure in such a legal landmark. But It’s not going to pay any bills and I and my family are now struggling.

It’s like that wry  joke:   “Apart from that, Mrs. Kennedy,  did you enjoy the ride?”

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