Penalised by Google for breaking his own copyright

From the sublime to the ridiculous:

“A few years ago, Techdirt reader Cody Jackson, while deployed in Iraq, wrote a book about Python (the programming language) called Start Programming with Python,” says Mike Masnick  in Techdirt, continuing:

“He decided to give away the book for free, as a ‘thank you’ to the open source community which, he notes, has provided him with tremendous value over the years.

“He has always made the book available for free, and linked to various sources where you can get it. At the same time, he’s offered people the option to support him via donation. He also made a little bit of money via Google AdSense ads on his site.

But then,  “Last week, he was contacted by a Google bot, telling him that AdSense had been disabled,  says Masnick.


“Because they claimed he was distributing copyrighted content illegally.

 Jon Newton — myblogdammit

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