AndOmar Khadr — home again: but is that ‘safely’ home?

Which is correct depends on a several factors, principal among them:

  • Was he a child soldier?
  • Was he a terrorist?
  • Is he a murderer?

Public safety minister Vic Toews told reporters on Saturday, the day Khadr arrived back on Canadian soil,

“Omar Khadr is a known supporter of the al-Qaeda terrorist network and a convicted terrorist.”

But as the CBC’s Neil Macdonald, suggests “Terrorist” has become a pretty pliable term these days.”

“It’s a political invective that’s been stripped of meaning by overuse.”

As for governments, “suffice it to say that both democracies and dictatorships tend to describe violent opponents as terrorists, and violent supporters as heroes”.

And, it’s “probably worth noting that Toews avoided describing Khadr as a terrorist in the legal decision he signed authorizing Khadr’s return to Canada under the International Transfer of Offenders Act,” Macdonald observes.”

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