Talk Talk — worst UK ISP — (again)

UK ISP Talk Talk  has been getting away with it for years.  But now Talk Talk, “remains the most complained about landline and broadband provider, according to UK regulator Ofcom,”  states the BBC.

“The purpose of Ofcom’s name-and-shame exercise is to shock telcos into improving their poor customer service records,”says the Register. But it’s arguably a point lost on TalkTalk, which repeatedly gets voted the worst ISP by its long-suffering punters.”

“It was also the landline telephony company that generated the most gripes from customers, with 0.53 for every 1,000,” says BCS.

To compound  its misdeeds, a year ago it was caught flat-footed  (or should that be red-handed?) monitoring users without their knowledge or consent.

Company communications director Mark Schmid a admitted it’d been “generating a list of websites which are being connected to across our network, and then scanning those sites for potential malware”, according to the Telegraph.

But, “We are not connecting people’s personal IP address … to each website visited,” said Schmid.

Not only but also, “TalkTalk has managed to stem the tide of customers leaving the provider, although it … had to pay out a £3-million fine to telecoms watchdog Ofcom as well as around £2.5-million in compensation to customers,”  says Broadband Genie.

He didn’texplain how that  justified TalkTalk’s secret data collections.

“TalkTalk should have informed its customers that it was beginning a website monitoring trial and offered them the chance to actively ‘opt-in’ beforehand”, says Open Rights Group executive director Jim Killock in the story.

“When companies use any kind of interception technology they needs to make it explicitly known to the people being monitored,” he states.

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