Google settles seven-year copyright dispute with US publishers

The seven years long litigation over Google’s ibrary book scanning has finally been settled.

“The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and Google today announced a settlement agreement that will provide access to publishers’ in-copyright books and journals digitized by Google for its Google Library Project,” says  the AAP.

“The dismissal of the lawsuit will end seven years of litigation.

The deal  finally settles  the protracted copyright infringement lawsuit  the AAP filed against Google on October 19, 2005 for five AAP member publishers.

“As the settlement is between the parties to the litigation, the court is not required to approve its terms,  says the Association,  going on:

“The settlement acknowledges the rights and interests of copyright-holders. US publishers can choose to make available or choose to remove their books and journals digitized by Google for its Library Project.

“Those deciding not to remove their works will have the option to receive a digital copy for their use.

Under the agreement, American publishers can continue to make individual deals with Google for use of their other digitally-scanned works.

Google Books generously allows users to browse up to 20% of books and then buy digital versions through Google Play. Books scanned by Google in the Library Project can now be included by publishers.

Further terms of the agreement haven’t been disclosed.

The publisher plaintiffs were The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.; Pearson Education, Inc. and Penguin Group (USA) Inc., both part of Pearson; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; and Simon & Schuster, Inc. part of CBS Corporation, says the AAP.

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