Rude teen pix show up on ‘parasite’ sites

Some 88% of the self-generated, sexually explicit online images and videos of young people were taken from their original location and uploaded onto other websites,  says an Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). study.

“The study, which was carried out using data collected throughout September 2012 by IWF Internet Content Analysts, aimed to establish a snapshot of how many self-generated, sexually explicit images and videos of young people there are online,” says, going on:

“It also sought to discover how much of this content was copied from its original source and put on other websites.

“In less than 48 working hours, IWF analysts encountered more than 12,000 such images and videos spread over 68 websites.

Most of the images and videos (88%) appeared on ‘parasite websites’, meaning they were taken from the original area where they were uploaded and made public on other website,  says the item,  adding:

“These parasite websites had often been created for the sole purpose of offering sexually explicit images and videos of young people and therefore contained large amounts of sexually explicit content.”

Key findings:

    • A total of 12,224 images and videos were analysed and logged.
    • The content was on 68 discrete websites.
    • 7,147 were images.
    • 5,077 were videos.
    • 5,001 were both an image and a video.
    • Of the 12,224 images/videos, 10,776 were on parasite websites.
    • Therefore, 88% of content was taken from the original source site.
    • In only 14 instances could analysts not determine whether the site was a parasite website.


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