Six strikes Uberfuhrer

“Stroz Friedberg is a global digital risk management and investigations firm. We specialize in digital forensics, data breach and cybercrime response, electronic discovery, security risk consulting, and business intelligence and investigations,” says the company, going on.

“We work at the crossroads of technology, law and behavioral science to help our clients manage the inherent risks and responsibilities of doing business in a digital era. We act as independent investigators and specialist computer sleuths who trace the indelible markings of data to ferret out the truth. We’re known for getting the right results when it matters most. That’s why some of the world’s most prestigious organizations rely on us to be unbiased fact finders, problem solvers and trusted advisors for the information age.”

Behavioral science?

Indelible markings of data?

Anyway, it’s also  been carefully chosen by the entertainment cartel owned Center for Copyright Information, the shady corporate enterprise designed to keep consumers under control  so they can be more effectively exploited  by the movie and recording industries.

We’ve,  “worked hard to set up a program that is accurate, fair and protects consumer interests at every step in the process,”  says the CCI.

“For example, we retained a recognized technology expert, Stroz Friedberg, to evaluate the content community’s system (run by MarkMonitor) for identifying alleged infringement over peer-to-peer networks. MarkMonitor uses both trained professionals and automated processes to identify illegal downloading of whole movies, TV shows and musical recordings, and the system is designed to eliminate false positives.

“Stroz Friedberg has completed its initial review of MarkMonitor’s methodologies and found that the system is accurate and works properly. Importantly, the methodology for identifying infringed content and the IP address from which it has been distributed is based on a review of peer-to-peer networks and publicly available information. No personal consumer information will be obtained by MarkMonitor or content owners either in generating the notices or in passing them on to consumers.  Stroz Friedberg will continue to periodically review the content community’s methodologies to ensure they operate with the accuracy and quality we expect and that consumers deserve.

That’s a little like saying Charlie Manson has been awarded a license to practice brain surgery.

And of course,  the lamescream media  are treating the CCI’s every utterance as though it emanates from  a credible and reliable source.

The six-strike plan directly  follows the failure to pass  the ludicrous anti-‘piracy’ legislation. The Stop Online Piracy Act and its companion Protect IP Act.

“SOPA and PIPA definitely had an impact,”  Computerworld has Gigi Sohn stating.  At the time,  she was  president of digital rights group Public Knowledge. “

She’s now moved  over to the  opposition to become a member of the  a Advisory Board of the Center for Copyright Information (CCI).

“Under the Copyright Alert System, content owners will be responsible for monitoring file-sharing networks and for identifying any alleged illegal activity. The ISP will then send out graduated alerts to the owners of the IP addresses associated with the infringing activity,”  says Computerworld.

In other words, the  Fox  has now taken up permanent residence  in the hen-house

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