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This is  my blog, dammit. Because of that  I’m allowed to  post the occasional . personalised item,  and this is one such:

As some of you know,  I used to publish p2pnet, a freedom of speech advocacy site funded by advertisers and, in effect, by Cliff Haerden over in Belgium  who supplied the bandwidth and p2pnet servers free of charge.

Cliff does the same for myblogdammit

Back in those days,  my income came principally from advertising  space I rented out on p2pnet. But it was more of a commitment  than a business.

Then,  largely because  of the  economic crunch  we’re still experiencing, I lost my  income in one fell swoop. But before that happened  I was able to  repay  a small part the debt  I owe the Internet  when  a petty, mean-minded  Vancouver businessman and ex-Green Party of Canada financier named Wayne Crookes  tried to sue me for defamation.

He said that, by linking to defamatory articles,  I published them.

As Nate Anderson  summed it up  in his Ars Technica article,

“Imagine Twitter and Facebook—two sites that are rife with user-created hyperlinks—in a world where users could be held liable for everything at a linked location. Or imagine a search engine like Google, one which specializes in providing hyperlinks to a huge array of content, legal and otherwise. Liability, made too broad, could be nothing less than an Internet-killer (at least in Canada).”

Crookes was determined to hold the net , and, by default  every online Canadian, to ransom  and thanks to him, the case dragged on through to  the Supreme Court of Canada,  the highest court in the land.

His attempt to  shanghai the Internet in Canada failed,  and the rest is now online history.

In the meanwhile, I’m still trying to piece my life back together after  several major health  setbacks,  and this is to thank Angel   (Frost wire) and Todd,  (iVideo Converter) two  former p2pnet advertisers, for supporting me once again.

So — thank you 🙂



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