Anonymous — The Movie

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It’s called We Are Legion,  and,  says the New York Times, it’s  the  “most illuminating in showing how democratic practice can still find a new voice and innovative means with each generation.The fascinating efforts of Anonymous can be messy, but so are many freedoms when asserted so boldly.”

Looking for neither wealth nor fame, “they opt instead to hide their identities behind the mask of Guy Fawkes, the association’s icon.

“They congregate on the Internet, a haven that also serves as a weapon. Through the Web, they have successfully unleashed attacks on the Church of Scientology, the Sony Corporation, and the FBI, as well as the Tunisian, Iranian and Egyptian governments — going from cyber-actions to concrete results.

“They also protest in flesh and blood as they take control of big-city streets during the Occupy movement. Today, their name rhymes with revolution. When their fists are raised, the world trembles. They are Anonymous. They are Legion. They don’t forgive. They never forget. They are dangerous.”

So says  Film News, continuing:  […] “Brian Knappenberger went back directly to the source and was able to track down a few founding members of the clandestine operation. The latter subjects held nothing back as they exposed the whole truth behind this community of cyber-pirates. Through a series of fascinating interviews, they recall with contagious nostalgia their beginnings on the 4chan forum in 2006, when the Anonymous project was still in the stages of inconsequential entertainment. Their first vigilante actions demonstrated that their union can actually make a difference. What follows is a highly colorful account filled with crucial entanglements with the law, battles for international equity and lives transformed by a universal cause.

“The stupefying events detailed by Knappenberger seem directly pulled from a mystery novel, their scope and consequential impact defying all reason. What quickly becomes clear is why society’s leaders consider Anonymous a worthy foe. Breathtaking from the very beginning, WE ARE LEGION: THE STORY OF THE HACKTIVISTS is also the striking portrait of a youth willing to do whatever it takes to reach its ideals. A documentary response to Nicolas Alberny and Jean Mach’s 8TH WONDERLAND, this explosive picture chronicles the evolution of a battle barely begun by a disgruntled generation.


And Knappenberger  makes  what’s  arguably  the most important point of all: that although they’re anonymous, the’re not unanimous; they comprise, and include, individuals  and  cultures with widely differing aims goals, and  ideas about how to achieve them.

And most of all, anything — ANYTHING — for  LULZ 😉

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PS:  I just finished watching We Are Legion and I’m totally blown away.

For years I’ve been writing about  the Anonymous movement, and doing my best to promote,  it.  But this the only video I’ve ever seen which comes anywhere near accurately  describing, and discussing what Anonymous is really all about.



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