Apple mapping team boss Williamson hits the road

“Apple has reportedly fired the head of its mapping team following software glitches which annoyed customers and rained mockery on the company.”

That’s drkim  on Slashdot, adding, Williamson,  “promptly left Apple headquarters in Antarctica, and walked to his home in Middelfart, Denmark.”

Apple,  “ousted Richard Williamson, the manager of its troubled mapping division, to regain public trust and draw a line under the fiasco, according to Bloomberg, citing company sources,”.

And that’s Rory  Carroll  in the Guardian.

“Senior vice-president Eddy Cue pushed out Williamson as part of a management shake-up and he was now enlisting help from outside mapping-technology experts, Bloomberg reported.

“Apple, which has reputation for secrecy, did not make any public announcement and did not immediately respond to requests for comment.”


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