Well blow me down! Hollywood ramps up attacks on Canadian ‘Pirates’

Avast, ye scurvey knaves! (If you’re Canadian, that is.) You’d better get au courant with that and similar phrases, such as Shiver me timbers.

Because  it’s that time of year. The corporate movie industry is once again targeting Canadians in a renewed attempt to  bring to book anyone and everyone  it  claims is illegally downloading  and sharing movies.

Every once in a while,  the big movie houses  zero in on Canada, trotting out the  empty claim that it’s a nation of thieving pirates,  using the likes of Canadian MPAA clone, the Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association  as a front.

In the US,  the MPAA (Motion picture Association of America)  is Hollywood’s  PR/enforcement agency specialising  spitting out spurious  statistics  to support its claims  of losses  it says are directly  due to  file sharers.

Now Montreal company Canapre, determined to cash in on the  the Hollywood piracy gold-rush, has been hired to to do Hollywood’s dirty work.

On its webpage, the company boasts it’s fired off more than 3,500,000 take-down notices with a compliance rate of 100%.”

“Across all areas of the global internet, 23.76% of user traffic is estimated to involve infringing content,” it declares, quoting specious  CMPDA stats.

“Bit Torrent traffic is estimated to account for 17.9% of ALL internet traffic, it says.   “Nearly two thirds of this traffic is estimated to be non-pornographic copyright protected content such as films, television episodes, music, computer games, and software.

“Downloads from cyber-locker sites are estimated to account for 7% of all internet traffic (73.2% representing illegal downloads of copyright protected content)


Definitely stay tuned.

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