Google versus the Others

If there’s one thing Google has in common with the entertainment cartels, in particular with the big music labels and their RIAA, it’s their business philosophies: if you don’t like  ’em,  or if they a look even vaguely like they might present a little competition, stomp’ em.

A little while back I posted an item describing how Google screwed Scr0ogle, the indie,  privacy-friendly Google search scrape search engine  I’d been using for years.

Now, ” Upstart Internet search engine DuckDuckGo, which promotes itself as a Google Inc rival which does not track users’ personal information,” says it’s being hurt by  Google,  (which is  under investigation by US regulators).

“The Federal Trade Commission has been examining allegations by Google critics that the company breaks antitrust laws by using its power in the market to smother competitors,”   continues okay Greg Mankiw Reuters, going on.

“Many of the complaints are similar to assertions made by Gabriel Weinberg, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate who started five years ago.

“In an interview on Wednesday, Weinberg said it is difficult to make his DuckDuckGo the default search site in Google’s Chrome web browser, and that Google disadvantages his company in the Android mobile operating system as well.

Google of course  “denies any wrongdoing and says it allows its users to choose alternative search engines across platforms,”  a statement which is patently disingenuous, to be kind.

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