Hacktivists — who IS that masked man/woman?

Computer ‘hacktivists’ cause havoc targeting the websites of governments, companies and the police but who they are and what motivates them?

The internet is not some playground that corporations and governments can take basic civil liberties with and destroy them and get away with it”

 The  sentence in the intro and the quote above both come in Simon Cox’s BBC story slugged Anonymous, hacktivism and the rise of the cyber protester.

The quote is attributed to ‘online activist’  Dr Steelhammer

Cox goes on,  “after weeks of contact through Twitter and encrypted emails with “Commander X”, I should finally have the chance to speak to him in person. After an hour with no call, I give up and return to bed.

However,  “You can never have complete certainty as to what’s going on, who’s involved ‘,” Cox has Gabriella (Biella) Coleman, an anthropologist at McGill University in Canada, who has spent years studying hackers operating under the banner of Anonymous, stating.

“Not being able to fully understand who’s behind the mask ‘” is what gives Anonymous political power’.

According to  Cox, Commander X  is on the run here in Canada — or, of course,  he/she may simply be a Canadian, stringing Cox along for the lulz.

“After weeks of contact through Twitter and encrypted emails with ” ‘Commander X ‘”, I should finally have the chance to speak to him in person,” Cox writes, going on, “After an hour with no call, I give up and return to bed.

You can only imagine  how excited Cox must’ve been  to be  finally talking to  the real  commander X 😉

Retired Military Intelligence Official

You’d think by now the lamescream  media would’ve glommed onto the fact  that anyone and everyone  claiming to speak for, and on behalf of, Anonymous  is only speaking  for himself or herself, if indeed they’re hacktivists at all.

According to this website, Commander X is a retired Military Intelligence Official turned author who feels that the public has a right to know the truths kept secret by those in power.  and, “Commander X will file regular reports on news and events that others are afraid to examine – and unwilling to believe!”

The most famous, or infamous,  Anonymous ‘spokesman’  was/is Barrett Brown, who’s still happily pulling the wool over the eyes  of the ever-gullible.

So what about Commander X?

“Christopher Doyon, AKA ‘Commander X,  the homeless man the feds say launched a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the city of Santa Cruz’s web servers because he was upset over an anti-camping law, is out of federal custody on his own recognizance and has evidentially joined up with a local Occupy protest,  says the story in  TPM, adding.

“FBI agents arrested Doyon back in September in connection with an Anonymous-affiliated cyber attack against Santa Cruz’s website. TPM obtained his mugshot through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request this week”.

In the meanwhile,“The  traditional rulers; the kings, the barons the nobles of various kinds; have  kept  ordinary people in thrall since time immemorial, but in this century a tiny handful of  passionately determined men, women, boys and girls, decided enough was enough  and under the cloak  of anonymity, set about making changes,”  I wrote recently, adding:

“They rocked the world, and they’re still rocking  it”.

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