UK urban artists hijack advertising billboards on the eve of the Olympics

As the UK Olympics  loom, graffiti goes mainstream. In a big way.

It’s called Brandalism.

“Over a five day stretch, the project saw 25 artists from 8 countries come together for the biggest subvertising campaign in UK history. Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and London all saw billboard spaces co-opted by these street artists,”  says  the site.

 “As the huge advertising potential of the Olympics rolls out across Britain, a group of British artists are reclaiming ad space for art and poetry,”  states the CBC, going on:

“Like street artist Banksy (right), whose postings could be painted over in an effort to clean up London for the Olympics, the artists involved want to encourage public discourse. They also see themselves as part of a long British tradition of creative resistance.”

Adds  the CBC,”That determination to clean up for the Olympics could mean London work crews painting over Banksy images, which are worth millions of dollars.

In the pic  at the top, Scottish poet Robert Montgomery utilises  a giant advent to display  his own work

Billboards across Britain have been similarly  hijacked  in the name of urban art.