Vonage? No thanks!

My wife, Liz, and I have been Vonage (VOIP) users since the year dot  and we have, mostly, been OK with it — except for the unexplained outages which’ve plagued  the ‘service’ almost since the beginning.

In fact you could say Vonage was an  essential part of communications between myself as the former owner of well-known freedom of speech advocacy site p2pnet and  the people and situations from around the world about which, and whom, I wrote.

I could, of course, have used Skype but until now I had no complaints about Vonage and no worries about paying its monthly bill. Moreover, I’ve always had problems with eBay and the guys who created Skype, both of them eBay aficionados and shareholders.

We live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, but, thanks to the late great Bill Evans, we’ve always had a Washington Vonage number. That was because Bill lived in the US and Vonage at the time didn’t have Canadians as customers.

So he opened an account on our behalf, and sent the necessary equipment to us by snail-mail.

And so it went — until I had two heart attacks followed by a quadruple coronary bypass and a  devastating stroke while I was on the operating table.

Because of these events,  I had to give up p2pnet and on July 25 of this year Liz and I decided we could no longer afford luxuries and decided to cancel our Vonage account.

Below is an unanswered email we sent to Vonage on that date:

Today we canceled our account with you  and  were told  we were paid up  until August 15.  This pre-supposes  our Vonage phone  is still online until that date.

However,  when we just  tried to make a call there was no dial tone.

Please confirm that  this  was just  another Vonage outage  and that we’re okay  to make calls  to August 15.

Thanks …


And that’s where I matters rest. There’s still no dial tone and we remain unable to make calls via Vonage.’ Yes, we requested a cancellation but we’re paid up until August 15 and should be able to use it until then.

We can’t afford to make cell phone calls to the states to get the matter sorted and emails avail us nothing.

Maybe an angry post will produce results …

Update  it’s now July 31 and  I finally got  an acknowledgment ,if you can call it that
Your email has reached an unmonitored mailbox and cannot be forwarded. However, we want to respond to you.  To send us an email, please visit our Contact Us page, accessible from http://www.vonage.com/contactus or for immediate assistance, please contact us at 1 VONAGE HELP (1-866-243-4357). We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer your questions.

Further emails to http://www.vonage.com/contactus achieved nothing.  But I know one thing — when and if this gets resolved,  I’ll be looking for  another  VoIP provider.

Jon Newton — myblogdammit