Santa Claus meets the Canadian Air Force

planes‘ Twas  the night before Christmas and an event that should never have happened occurred.

Second lieutenant Peter  ‘Maverick’ MacKay was piloting a  McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet on  a routine sweep looking for  a Russian Bear TU-95 long range bomber.

The giant aircraft were  still used by the  former Soviet Union on penetration exercises  to test North America’s air defense zone.

But instead, MacKay’s attack attack radar locked onto  a bright red glowing object moving at light speed across the  horizon.

The UFO was clearly an intruder of some kind, and there was only one thing to do: launch  a missile.

Almost instantaneously, an Aim-9 Sidewinder was streaking towards the invader.

There was a blinding flash, a huge puff of smoke and the sled and reindeer  and their portly, bearded driver disappeared in a cloud of debris,  jingling bells and brightly wrapped packages.

 Jon  Newton — Myblogdammit

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