The Jacintha Saldanha tragedy — thoughts from another nurse

rn“I’m a nurse,” says Anonymous in a comment post, going on »»»

“We have patient confidentiality drummed into us all day every day, especially as you don’t know who’s actually at the other end of a phone, even if they claim to be royalty. Unfortunately she failed in her duty of care.

 “I have absolutely no doubt that this nurse  [Jacintha Saldanha] was going to loose both her registration, and career, and I also have no doubt that her employers would have made that quite clear.

“They therefore failed in their duty of care to her, by not making sure she was supported through such an obviously traumatic time.

 “I would have felt absolutely desperate had it been me.

“The hospital failed, not the nurse, and not the pranksters who didn’t realise the importance of the situation”.

These days,  Sarah’s a nurse  in a general practitioner’s office and,  “Of course I can only speak for clinical governance in the UK,” she told me, “but having been a nurse for over 10 years now, I KNOW that our governing body (The Nursing and Midwifery Council) would’ve suspended the nurse with immediate effect, and she would’ve been facing them hauling her over the coals for it, especially with the publicity involved.

“I feel so so sorry for her, as most nurses in the UK do.  Our job is a vocation, and to fail not only a patient, but your employer, and governing body, in such a public manner…. Well, I can kind of understand why she ended her life.”

(Cheers, Sarah, and merry Christmas :)

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