FileRock goes open-source


RockToday, we have proudly released the source code of FileRock Client said the webpage on December 22 »»»

Go and check it out!

We have always said that our first priority is the security of your data. We protect your confidentiality by encrypting your files client-side. We protect the integrity of your data by making sure that you get notified if someone tampers with your files.

But the only way for you to really trust that we keep our promises, that we have built a fully secure cloud storage sync/backup client, is to examine the source code.

The code is now out there for all of you to review, try it out and send us your feedback. Note that you will still need a FileRock account in order to use FileRock Client: if you don’t have one, leave us your e-mail on our homepage and we’ll send you an invitation code.

FileRock Client is licensed with GPL version 3, so you can modify it and employ it for other projects, as long as they are kept under the GPL. Enjoy our code: if you use it yourself or hear of someone using it, let us know!

(Cheers, Gary)

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