The answer to Sandy Hook? ‘Make it hard to kill a kid’

teacher gunWhat do you do to prevent even more massacres like the one that occurred in the Newtown Sandy Hook school?


Teach the teachers how to shoot.

“In Ohio, the Buckeye Shooting Foundation is swamped with 20 times more applications — from teachers and administrators to custodians and bus drivers — than they have space for in a three-day tactical defense course to be offered this this spring,” says Cathy Lynn Grossman in USA Today, going on:

“Jim Irvine, president of the Ohio foundation, said Thursday that the $1,000 per person Armed Teacher Training Program would be free for the 24 people selected from more than 400 applicants.

‘What better use for an educational foundation than to help educators protect our children,’ he asked?

Apparently, it’s legal in Ohio to bring a concealed weapon to scaool if a school district as permission,  and Irvine says,  “School boards were just in denial. That denial got ripped away in Newtown.

The idea he said, is“to make it hard to kill a kid,

School personnel chosen for the class  “mustalready have basic firearms training and a concealed carry permit and come to the Tactical Defense Institute in rural West Union, Ohio, with their own handgun, holster, extra magazines and speed loaders“,” says the article, adding, “The idea that someone on a school staff may be armed would work as a deterrent, just as training and arming airline pilots has improved air safety, Irvine, an airline pilot, is quoted as saying.

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