Sandy Hook fallout continues

The fallout from the Newtown Sandy Hook school massacre continues.

Below is a .223-caliber military-style Bushmaster rifle.

It’s identical to the one wielded by 21-year-old gunman Adam Lanzato during the Sandy Hook slaughter  when more than than 2 dozen children murdered.bushmaster

Sales jumped as word of the kind of weapon used spread online and off.

Then a lowlife piece of excreta came on with a scam using the family of Noah Pozner, one of the children  murdered  in the Sandy Hook massacre.

Now,  It seems a newspaper in iew York has published an interactive map with the names and addresses of people with [handguns],” says Isaac-1 in a Slashdot post, going on:

“It’s happened before: In 2007, Virginia’s Roanoke Times raised the ire of many gun owners by publishing a database of Virginia’s gun permit holders that it assembled based on public records inquiries. (The paper later withdrew that database.)

“Similarly, WRAL-TV in North Carolina published a database earlier this year with searchable map of (partially redacted) information about permit holders in that state, and Philadelphia made the news for a similar disclosure — complete with interactive map and addresses — of hundreds of gun permit applicants .

Stay tuned.

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