Anonymous targets Big Pharma

PharmaIt’s really quite simple;  most corporations exist wholly and solely for the benefit of their investors and shareholders, to whom they  answer exclusively.  Among the worst  are the the entertainment cartels with the movie and music industries well to the fore.

But even they are superseded by the  multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates, the legal drug pushers whose products kill and poison people by the hundreds of thousands.

Below, in full, is a statement from  Anonymous »»»

We have watched with great concern of recent developments in the medical field, the pharmaceutical industry and the authorities responsible for monitoring such. Again and again, show reports of people, who have had severe and often permanent side effects after taking certain medications. The number of such people is greatly rising to epidemicly high numbers. Unfortunately, the latest statistics show that more people die from prescription drugs than by car crashes.

In the past, several pharmaceutical companies, gained attention by various drug scandals. Be it the Thalidomidescandal, the Mediatorscandal, the Lipobayscandal, the Vioxx scandal, or various vaccination scandals, only to just simpally name a few.

However, manufacturers still haven´t learned from the crimes in the past against the people, rather their criminal methods become more and more unscrupulous, paying their fines from court orders and lawsuits and continining to do the same crimes again, and again and again and again.

Studies were faked under the knowledge of the management and concealed detrimental side effects, as this happened among others in the mumps vaccination scandal and Vioxx, for more than 10 years, children took an ineffective vaccine. The victims are ultimately the millions of children each year. vaccinated with a mumps vaccine that offers them insufficient protection. Mumps is a disease that would, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (> CDC <)) now be extinct, but because of the insufficient effectiveness of Merck and Co. vaccine it still persists and it always comes back in major outbreaks.

Moreover, critics of various drugs companies silenced threats of the people, among other things as the Vioxx scandal came to light.

MERCK an international drug company made a hit list of doctors who had to be “neutralised” or discredited because they criticised the drug vioxx.
The emails, which came out in the United States Federal Court as part of a class action lawsuit against the drug company, included the words “neutralise”, “neutralised” or “discredit” against some of the doctors’ names.
It is also alleged the company used intimidation tactics against critical researchers, including dropping hints it would stop funding to institutions and claims of interfering with academic appointments.

“We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live,” a quote from a Merck employee…

Doctors are paid to promote certain drugs and for systematically down playing severe side effects and taking pay outs.
Among these physicians are highly renowned professors, who clearly have a special responsibility, because they teach prospective doctors and give their paid knowledge to them. These doctors act against ethics and against their professional code, which states, inter alia, that doctors must protect and restore the health of the patient.

General medical professional obligations

Doctors who practice their profession conscientiously and comply with the trust placed in them in their professional confidence. They must thereby align their medical action with the welfare of patients. In particular, they may not represent the interests of third parties over the wellbeing of the patients.

Dear corrupt doctors, this also means you may not represent the intrests of a pharmaceutical company.
More and more lawsuits are piling up as the 13,000 lawsuits in the U.S. against the pharmaceutical company Bayer, due to the strong and often life-threatening side effects of his drosperinone-containing oral contraceptive. Against the drugmaker Merck aka MSD due to the strong permanent side effects of the drug Propecia, to name just two.

At this point we wish to remind you of the marketing claims of the pharmaceutical lobby and some doctors to your professional discipline and ethics. In addition, also the monitor and authorities of their responsibility to the people to be aware. They boast with research and health for the people, but for greed and your own benefits, you go not only literally over corpses.
We can by Anonymous and the people of this world and will no longer tolerate and we will fight. Against the crimes they commit to defend human This is about the health of us all and especially those of our children.

Media and politicians trying to let us know that video games and certain music styles cause children and young adults to run amuck. The biggest trigger, however is concealed. Many of the violent acts are committed by people on certain psychological drugs, like Ritalin and anti-depressants.
For this purpose, a brief report:

Imagine a criminal like Joseph Kony would be taken, who is responsible for the death and physical damage of thousands of children and adults.
What would you say if such a criminal just have to pay a few million dollar dues and then would be released again. Imagine now, he would commit these crimes once again and again and all he has to do is to pay money. What would you say?
However,this is whats happening to the pharmaceutical companies. Vioxx alone killed about 55,000 people and about 139,000 had a heart attack. The company only had to pay money and compensation to the victims in the United States. Although studies have been knowingly skewed. Then the same thing happend with the mumps vaccine.

We insist the pharmaceutical industry no longer conceals any side effects and gives people the opportunity to get the risk to benefit ratios, and made well aware of any life threationing risks. All people have a right to honest well informted information by well infrormed people in terms of the possible side effects of drugs so that they can choose the correct path for, or against any given drug. This is our freedom as it is our bodies. They deliberatey push out a horde of such false information to the sales figures of a new helpful drug with horrible side effects, well we consider it be a criminal act. The corrupt ways of politics, pharmaceutical lobbies and unscrupulous doctors have caused a lot of people to become victims. And those responsible must be held personally liable for this! Because this is the only way to prevent such crimes in the future!

We want to warn the citizens of this world about these ruthless methods. We would like to draw attention to the suffering of many millions of people. who were victims of these methods and of drugs, whether injured patients, or conscientious physicians. The list of victims is long and getting even longer.

History has shown us, this will not change, until be become active. Each of us is in the course of His life have to go to a doctor and probably will even need to take medication. If you ever want to trust your doctors or a drugs in future. Then this corrupt system must be destroyed and we have the power to make this change happen. We have chosen our politicians and they have represent the people.
Currently our politicians are paid for representing the interests of companies. now, more and more of this also includes pharmaceutical companies, which are often purchased by financial donations, whose favor their intrests.

Together, we will bring the truth to light that others have concealed for so long. Spread this video on YouTube, social networks and share it with your friends. Rise up and be active, lends us your voice heard. In the name of justice, in the name of the victim, on your health and the health of your children. Write your politicians and the competent authorities. We will not sell you any Action kits or wristbands, all we need is our voice, and that is free. Use the possibility of an online petition and have the size and the courage to stand up with your name. More information can be found in the video description. Thank you.

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We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!

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