Anonymous to give Oz government a ‘taste of its own medicine’

Anonymous, the shadowy band of  citizen justice adjusters, says it’s about to reveal 40GB of data it acquired using Australian government monitoring technology hacked from Australian Internet Service Provider (ISP) AAPT. The material could include client mobile phone numbers  the group says its action  was taken  to underscore the dangers of a proposal to force telcos to store every Australian’s web history for up to two years.

“Welcome to #opAustralia,” says a  press release  posted on Anon News.

“We decided to give you a taste of your own medicine,”  it says, going on:
“A total of 40 giga bites has been obtained using the very same techniques used on the Australian population.

“We as people have the right to protest in any way shape or form to get our voices heard.
Let this be the first warning!

“Keep the people happy. You keep the population happy…… we can move on from this!

“Till then,

“Expect Us.”

AAPT is Australia’s third largest land line telecommunications company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telecom New Zealand,  and a member of the Infrastructure Assurance Advisory Group for the Critical Infrastructure Protection branch of the Attorney-General’s department.

“In the past few years the rise of censorship and filtration of freedom of speech has been on the rise. Our very own governments surveying the very same people who voted and put you , the government, in a position of power and trust.
Australia, you have failed us!”– says Anonymous, adding

“Australia ranks highly in many international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, and the protection of civil liberties and political rights. Yet Australia feels the need to censor and filter every day social and personal life?

“What are you afraid of?

“Who or what are you protecting?

“We, the people, feel disgusted from this decision based upon power, money, and greed.
We will not sit around as we have big brother watching us from all angles and eyes pointed at everyone.

“Did you ever think who and what will be affected by your selfish acts?
Anonymous is taking a stand and will fight for the unjust!

Anonymous has also, on its internet radio channel, articulated a raison d’êtrefor the release, with a person identifying themselves as ‘Lorax’ stating it’ll serve as an example of how unsafe personal data will be under Australian Government’s proposed data retention laws,”  says Simon Sharwood  in The Register.

Chat has also suggested the group will release portions of data that in some way embarrass the Australian government.

In  an earlier post,  “The @Op_australia Twitter feed recently promised it is ‘almost ther’” on ‘something big’. Comments on an Anonymnous-aligned IRC channel offered the mention of 600,000 customers and references to the sample leak, said Sharwood, going on,.

“The 600,000 figure means the data almost certainly comes from one of Australia’s largest ISPs. Telstra and Optus are both known to have millions of subscribers, while iiNet has stated it has 1.3 million.

“Among smaller ISPs, TPG’s most recent half year report says it has 567,000 subscribers, placing it ahead of the likes of Exetel, Adam Internet and Netspace. iPprimus is probably also below the 600,000 customer threshold, making it likely that Anonymous will embarrass Telstra, Optus or iiNet … with TPG also a chance of hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.”

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