Follower Spam — part II — updated

Regarding my post yesterday about Follower Spam, below is a typical  example.

Brandon PetersonBrandon Peterson VN  Readings Online free

Now, I’m not suggesting Brandon (if he exists) knowingly posted it.  But I did wonder if perhaps someone, or something, is hijacking names and avatar images and  re-using them as Follower Spam, as I’ve dubbed it.

Just asking …


Thanks to the people who  troubled to email me telling me I can block offenders on the subscribers’ list or  complained to the appropriate people.

The trouble is: there are  so many it’s a pain in the gluteus maximus to block them, or complain about them, individually. and  they’re arriving almostas fast as I can delete them or designate  them as spam in my email app :/

In fact, I’m starting to wonder if I haven’t upset someone somewhere and if this isn’t a targeted attack by some pissed off-script kiddie …

Cheers …

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3 thoughts on “Follower Spam — part II — updated

  1. There is an option in that makes you follow a person automatically if he starts following you, you should uncheck this option as now you are following me and all those spammers.
    I know you have this because I started following you by recommendation and you started following me automatically.

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