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I don’t know  how many others have had this problem,but in the last couple of days, I’ve  seen a significant increase in the number of people following my posts.

I wish I could say it’s because of the  great content, but unfortunately they’re very obvious spam links.

99 point 9 percent of  my new ‘followers’ are obviously fake with  plausible names and real-looking avatar pictures of the type you normally see on

I laboriously blocked  30 or 40 of them, but they still keep  flooding my email inbox as legitimate ‘new follower’ notices.

I could delete them en masse, but there’s a danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Has anyone else had this happen to them and if so, what did they do about it?

PS: or maybe update, on looking around, I think someone, or something, is hijacking names and avatar images and  re-using  them as  Follower  Spam.

I wonder if it’s also happening on  Twitter.

Cheers, and all the best  to everyone for the new year…

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