Sheriff’s posse targets KnightSec

In a post slugged Big mistake, Anonymous! –  I wrote, “In a misguided attempt to focus attention on the terrible gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in Ohio’s Steubenville, as part of Operation Roll Red Roll, someone calling himself or herself Anon Acid has leaked the private records of some 50,000 people in  and around Ohio.

“The leaked voter IDs, names, dates of birth, addresses and other personal details appear to belong to individuals from Richmond, Irondale, Amsterdam, Dillonvale, Stratton, Steubenville and other cities in Ohio.”

Now, “In an emotionally charged 11-minute-long news conference Friday  afternoon, Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla announced that his office, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and various other law enforcement agencies are now investigating a particular cell of a loosely organized computer-hacking collective known as Anonymous,” says wtov9.

“Individuals claiming to be working under the collective’s name have recently emerged as critics of local law enforcement’s handling of the August rape of a teenage girl.

“Two teen defendants, both members of the Steubenville High School football team, have been charged and are facing a February trial in Jefferson County Juvenile Court.

“The cell, identified as ‘KnightSec,’ has claimed responsibility for taking over a Steubenville football fan website on Christmas Eve and replacing it with a video featuring a person in a Guy Fawkes mask demanding a public apology to the accuser or they would reveal sensitive personal information about several people they believed should have been investigated and charged, as well as members of their families.”

When I wrote I thought Anonymous  had made a big mistake, I wasn’t thinking it would bring the wrath of the local sheriffs down on its  collective head.

Rather, “I agree  some kind of constructive action needs to be taken, but the people most likely to benefit from this  kind of leak are crooks and others who  can make use of this personal and private information,” I said.

So unless  one interprets “constructive action”  as a witchhunt for KnightSec, the leak really hasn’t achieved very much.

Note:  I kicked the piece off with, “Most times, I’m in complete accord with Anonymous ops.

“But not this time.”

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2 thoughts on “Sheriff’s posse targets KnightSec

  1. the info was not a leak the acid-anon person just generated a public records request from the board of elections web site just like anyone can. all info posted was with out ssn or full birthdate so was public record.

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