Kayla Bourque, and Kayla Bourque

Two girls: same name, same age,  and they come from the same place,.

There the resemblance ends.

K1They’re both Kayla Bourque, but one of them   (right) is the subject of  of an unusual public  warning  from the BC ministry of justice as a high-risk, violent offender  recently released from jail.

“The ministry’s corrections branch said Monday that 23-year-old Kayla Bourque has an ‘escalating criminal history’ and plans to live in Vancouver, according to the National Post.

In September 2009, Kayla Bourque  number 1 was convicted of killing animals, causing unnecessary pain and suffering or injury to animals.

“In March 2012, she was found guilty of possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, but charges of possessing child pornography were stayed,” it says, adding.

“She was sentenced to one month in jail and three years of probation.”

K2But Kayla number  2,  (above)  is “a very unfortunate case of mistaken identity, says the Province.

“I wasn’t really worried about it until the news headlines hit about her moving to Vancouver,” Bourque,  who lives in New Westminster and is unrelated to the infamous pet killer, is quoted as saying.

“Before, I was pretty good-humoured about it but now I’m worried people will actually think it’s me.”

The  [ministry] branch said Bourque #1 has  “also offended violently against people, is being closely monitored by authorities and has 46 court-ordered conditions she must follow, says the Post story, adding:

“The woman has a curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and isn’t allowed to access social networking sites.

“Bourque is also forbidden from possessing any weapons, including knives or other bladed instruments, except to prepare food, and must stay away from people under age 18.

“The petite, 130 pound woman, studied criminology and psychology at Simon Fraser University last year.

“Prof. Rob Gordon, who heads the criminology department at SFU, said the university called police after another student told a teaching assistant that Bourque mentioned some of her crimes and that she may have spoken about her fantasies of killing a homeless person.”

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