Three score and 10 + 1

NotIn a couple of weeks I’ll be 71, and it’s a bloody miracle I’ve  made  it just beyond the three score and 10 mooted by that amazing book of fiction, the Bible.

I got up this morning around 5 AM at the behest of one of our  two cats, Max the Manx, who without fail lets me know when he wants out 🙂

Meanwhile, there’s more than one the one reason it’s something of a miracle that I’ve made it this far:

For one thing, I’m a recovering addict.

For another, I’ve survived two heart attacks,  a quadruple coronary bypass and a stroke which happened while I was having  the surgery, followed by a second open-heart operation to fix  the infection I picked up during the first.

Hospitals are indeed dangerous places.

As the joke goes,  “but apart from that, Mrs. Kennedy, did you enjoy the ride”?

Now I’ve almost reached my three score and 10, although there have been times …

Anyway, I’m glad to be here and I’m very glad to be blogging,  an activity which to  a very large degree is keeping me going — that, and the unfailing devotion of my wife, Liz, and my 16-year-old daughter, Emma  who’ve helped, and who are still helping, to get me through this.

Also, I’ve recently come across a group of people in the same boat as me and for the first time, a “safe place to interact with people who understand. where issues  “like poor memory, short tempers, inappropriate behaviors, difficulty speaking and disorientation are accepted; coping strategies are shared.”

They’re members  of the Victoria Brain Injury Society.

Also,to one extent or another, I’ve been involved with music all my life and I’m now thinking seriously about starting a band.

The name?

Brain Damage 😉

Jon Newton — myblogdammit

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