Attawapiskat’s ‘forgotten people’?

Well, it finally happened, the meeting chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat  has been starving to get for Lo!  These many moons.

However, could Bruce A Stewart be correct as he puts it in his Beacon News op/ed?

“Yesterday, the meeting she insisted had to happen did, he says.  “The government even bent over backwards to be accommodating.

“For its trouble, it didn’t get Chief Theresa Spence. Every time one of her positions was met, she’d change the goalposts so that she could continue the litany of “no one cares …

“Understand, of course, that none of this is doing thing one to improve her community at Attawapiskat, the ostensible reason she started this effort in the first place.

They have become the forgotten people in Spence’s little dream world of power politics.”

Jon Newton — myblogdammit

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