Flinging the flinging (o)

Many moons ago, Ashwin Navin hitched his wagon to that of Bram Cohen, inventor of BitTorrent. He’s now billed as  BitTorrent president cofounder,

But these days he’s also down as  CEO and cofounder of Flingo which, according to the Wikipedia, was  “co-founded in 2008 by early employees of BitTorrent”, including Flingo’s current CEO, Ashwin Navin, with a “portfolio of applications and platform technologies embedded in the central processing unit (CPU) of Smart TVs.

Its SyncApps platform enables interactive television and social television with one-click sharing on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, says  the Wikipedia, continuing:

“In January 2012, Flingo launched SyncApps to enable one-click sharing on social networks. Based on the company’s proprietary approach to Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) using digital fingerprinting,

“SyncApps brings relevant content and sharing capabilities directly to the viewer’s first and second screens, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, while watching live TV. It uses algorithmic content detection to identify hundreds of channels of live television content in real-time.

“SyncApps also directly interacts with linear broadcast television so cable/satellite TV and online content can be accessed from one platform.”

Even better, Flingo is free for any web site or application for commercial or non-commercial use, says the company adding:

“We also provide development-only open source GPL-licensed Flingo desktop application hosted by github that demonstrates use of the Flingo API. If for some reason you need a less strict license for the Flingo application then contact editor at flingo.org.

Says Streaming Media.com, “Flingo,raised $7 million in Series A funding from August Capital. As part of the arrangement, David Marquardt and Howard Hartenbaum of August Capital will join Flingo’s board of directors.

In another story on January 4,  “Connected TV app-maker Flingo announced a major platform today called Samba, says Streaming Media.com. It’s designed to be installed on connected TVs or set-top boxes, then to let viewers enjoy second-screen content directly on the TV, or through a mobile device or computer. According to Ashwin Navin, CEO and co-founder of Flingo, Samba “blurs the lines between traditional linear TV and the smart TV features.”

“Because the Samba tool is browser-based, there’s no app to download. Samba uses automatic content recognition (ACR) to identify what’s playing and provide relevant content. While other apps use a mobile device’s microphones to provide ACR, Samba will use it directly on the television. As an example of what it might provide, Navin says that someone watching a Comedy Central roast might be offered five top roast clips online to view after their program is over.”

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