Southington SOS cancels project to destroy violent video games

A small community about 30 miles from the site of the Newtown massacre is organizing a voluntary video game return program, aimed at collecting violent video games from families and likely burning them.

That was the intro  to a post in games news site Polygon.

Then, “Based in Southington, Connecticut, less than 30 miles from Newtown, the group, named SouthingtonSOS is holding a trade-in event on 12 January as part of its Violent Video Games Return Program where videogames and other violent media can be exchanged for gift certificates donated by the Greater Southington Chamber of Commerce.”

However,  the is  should be changed to was. According to the International Business Times, Southington SOS cancelled plans to collect and destroy violent games, not because it’s had a change of heart, but rather, because it’s  “already succeeded in raising attention”.

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