The herpes that is Facebook

Once you sign up with US advertising and data mining  company Facebook,

You’re locked in forever.

That’s because Facebook is like Herpes: it never goes away, I said in p2pnet  almost a year ago.

But I was wrong.  there are treatments for herpes but not, apparently, for Facebook.

 I went on >>>

Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?”

That’s Mark Zuckerberg on my decision to cancel my Fa$ebook account.

fb1Well, it’s not Mark his actual self.

It’s the disconnect page.

My “149 friends will no longer be able to keep in touch”, it says.

People such as they “will no longer be able to contact” me, it says. :(

Rilly? I hadn’t realised Fa$ebook was my sole access point to Maggie, Joe and Tara, among others. And Sadie, Chris, Lawrence and Emma will apparently miss me too.


And after all this time, I’m still getting loathsome Facebook spam-mails  suggesting I follow people I’ve never heard of.

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