Application approved — Pirate Party Australia

apWith powerful media companies urging politicians to impose much stiffer penalties on those downloading pirated video, software and music online, worried internet users might well turn to Pirate Party Australia to defend their internet-given right to download as much of Mad Men, Breaking Bad or Lady Gaga as they want.

Under the leadership of its president David Campbell, VEXNEWS can reveal they are well and truly on track to achieving party registration, enabling them to run candidates with their party name on the ballot at the next federal election.

With millions of early-adopting Australians downloading like demons from the inter-torrentz how well will they do?

The ‘They’  is the Pirate Party of Australia,  and they did very well indeed!

“The delegate of the Australian Electoral Commission determined that the Pirate Party Australia should be registered under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918,  says the  Australian Electoral Commission.

It goes on >>>

On 30 October 2012, the Australian Electoral Commission (the AEC) received an application from the Pirate Party Australia (the Party) to be registered as a political party under the provisions of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Electoral Act).

The AEC conducted a series of tests usually undertaken as part of the initial consideration of an application and, on 5 December 2012, the delegate of the AEC found no reason to refuse the Party’s application and approved its advertisement for public input. The application was advertised in the Commonwealth Gazette and 10 newspapers achieving coverage throughout Australia on 12 December 2012, as required by s.132 of the Electoral Act. A period of one month was provided from that date for any person or organisation to lodge reasons why the Party should not be registered.

Only one response to the advertisement was received by 14 January 2013, says the commission adding, “but it did not contain a ground that may be considered under the Electoral Act.”

They’ll be hoisting the main brace   in Oz!

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