Are you paying attention, Mr Harper?

In Finland,Finland, according to a 2012 law, any citizen can create or sign on to a bill using a system called Open Ministry.

And if it gets 50,000 names  within six months, parliament has to put it to a vote.

Now that’s democracy

With that in mind, “the group Common Sense in Copyright, which is organizing a campaign for the bill, says its aim “is simple and reasonable: We want a fair and just copyright law in Finland,” says the Daily Dot, continuing:

Called “To Make Sense of the Copyright Act,” the proposal went live yesterday and has until July to meet its quota.

Before it went  officially live,  “while the bill was still in its draft stages, it was by far the best-rated and most-commented on the Open Ministry site,”  says the story, adding:

“Common Sense’s complaint is with Lex Karpela, a 2006 amendment to the Finnish copyright law that more firmly criminalized digital piracy.

Under it, ‘countless youngsters have been found guilty of copyright crimes and sentenced to pay thousands, in some cases hundreds of thousands, of euros in punitive damages to the copyright organizations,’ Open Ministry chair Joonas Pekkanen wrote on the organization’s website.

[Surely ‘Common Sense’  and ‘Copyright  are mutually exclusive? Anyway,  it’s like a deodorant — the people who need it most never use it]


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