Attawapiskat Canada’s shame, Part VI: bureaucrats at fault, says court

Attawapiskat Canada’s shame, Part IV

“This is old news, but it serves to underline the George W Harper solution to the Attawapiskat problem: Pay someone else to sort it.”

I wrote that last  December, going on,

“His government wants  the Attawapiskat First Nation to fork out around  $1,300 a day to  BDO (an ‘accounting and consulting organization with offices throughout the US ‘even though ‘the government’s own assessments say the third-party management system is not cost-effective’,  says the Canadian Press.

Now,  it’s problem solved,  thanks to the federal court.

“The decision in November, 2011 to send in Jacques Marion to take over the band’s finances was the wrong way to deal with the housing crisis on the northern Ontario reserve, the court said in its written ruling, ” the court ruled,  according to  the Globe and Mail.

“The decision to appoint (Marion) did not respond in a reasonable way to the root of the problems at Attawapiskat nor to the remedies available,” the ruling said.

“The (government) invoked a financial management remedy without considering more reasonable, more responsive or less invasive remedies available.”

But, “The problem in this case does not lie at the feet of the political masters but in the hands of the bureaucracy,”  it stated.

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