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foxWill St Petersburg in Russia  shortly experienced a dramatic rise in worker suicides?

Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn,  sometimes known as Suicide Central  and Apple’s  China division,  recently launched a pilot assembly line in St Petersburg to produce PCs with Hewlett-Packard, says RT.

The company,  which makes a range of components  for, and on behalf of,  Apple Computers, among others  became infamous worldwide when members of its Chinese workforce began killing themselves.

In May Reuters quoted Foxconn chief Terry Gou, as saying it would “split the initial costs” with Apple to improve working conditions in its factories in China, says Sum Of

Back in January,  I posted,  “in response to reports of repeated worker suicides, toxic working conditions and ‘rampant illegal overtime’, ‘launched a campaign to push Apple to address reports of horrendous working conditions in its Chinese supply chain.’

“In response to the massive public outcry, Apple promised to improve working conditions, raise wages, and put an end to involuntary labor, said Sum Of Us, going on,

“The Fair Labor Association — which is paid by Apple to investigate Apple — quickly announced that there was rapid progress at Apple’s suppliers. But independent reports “tell a very different story”.

The RT story  doesn’t say whether or not  Apple will shift any of its production  to St. Petersburg.  But, the new production plant will become the  “basis for a new IT cluster in St. Petersburg,”  says RT adding,.

“Foxconn has rented 10,000 square metres in the Shushary industrial zone from St Petersburg-based Megalojix enterprise. Sergei Fiveisky, First Deputy Chairman of the Kerppit, who is in charge of the project for the city government, emphasizes that the launch of the new production, despite a substantial decline in the sale of electronics in Russia, reaffirms long-term plans of foreign investors and their interest in doing business in St. Petersburg. He says a successful development would make it possible to launch new electronics production projects.

“Jim Chang, executive vice president of Foxconn’s parent company, Ho Hai Precision Group, said that the project would overcome obstacles, and defended producing in Russia rather than importing from China.”
While Sat Petersburg   waits to see if there’ll be  a rise in suicide deaths,  “Chinese iPad factory, Foxconn workers were forced to sign documents that they would not commit suicide,” says  iPad Application Developer, adding, “A study has revealed.

“Foxconn – A company that builds several Apple products have been reported that over the years several of its employees committed suicide and last year 14 employees of the company have been reported to committ suicide due to depressing working conditions.

“According to Hong Kong based Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) many of the Foxconn factory workers work 80 to 100 hours of overtime a month on top of their regular 240 hours – more than three times China’s legal limit. Apple itself has made rules for its suppliers that a supplier cannot force their employees work more than 60 hours per week.

“Foxconn ‘no suicide’ will prevent employees and their families from suing the company demanding compensation in the event of non-accidental injuries. Here is an excerpt from the English translation of the letter that appears in Shanghailist.”

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