Iran’s monkey tricks

Monkey “The thirty fourth spring of the victory of Islamic revolution in Iran has coincided with the auspicious birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet of Islam , Hazrat Mohammad (SAW), the birth anniversary of Imam Ja’far Sadiq (PBUH) as well as the beginning of the imamate of the Imam Al-Mahdi.

“These coincidences augur well and I would like extend my felicitations to the great nation of Iran and to all humanity on these great occasions and pray to God Almighty to establish monotheism and global justice in the world under rule of the perfect human being, the Promised One.

“I would also like to pray to God Almighty to grant good health and happiness to all people of the world.”

Thus blogs Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,  “the servant of the Iranian nation.”

Oddly,  he doesn’t mention of the  unhappy looking, unnamed monkey  firmly strapped down with duct tape  Iran and recently blasted into space.

The exercise  “also touched on concerns that advances in Iran’s rocket expertise could be channeled into military use for long-range weapons that might one day carry nuclear warheads. Iran says it does not seek atomic weapons,” observes the  CBC.

Stay tuned  for protests by animal rights activists.

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