Dear Mister X

Earlier today  I posted  an item  slugged The Googly Way,  which I attempted to point up  some of the reasons  I believe Netizens should be more than just  a little alarmed about the frightening way in which advertising firm Google is relentlessly becoming  not merely a power online, but the power of another kind.

This afternoon I received  the email below, with no return email address.

When I ran p2pnet troll posts were a given, but this is a first for dammit.

It goes:

You know what Jon? Your constant attacks on Google are getting a bit old.
it was always the same on P2PNET. Goggle is no worse than any other company and better than some. You are off to a good start with Don’t let it become a lame copy of P2PNET.

Mr X

You know what Mister X?

If you don’t like what you read, don’t read it.

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