Nigeria 419 — The Resurgence



Has anyone else noticed  a sudden upsurge in  4 1 9 scam mails?

I used to get them almost every day, and then they take a  tapered off.  But a couple of days ago  they began arriving again, this time there’s a difference;  two differences, actually.

Firstly, scam-mail number 1 was in effect a follow-up to the first, which has never happened before that I recall, and the second anomaly, if you can call it that, is  it arrived with an authentic looking form for me to fill out — complete with a space in the top right corner  for me to attach a  passport pic.

4192To digress,  “Remember that Nigerian prince who contacted you a few months back, saying he’d pay you to help transfer his inheritance to the United States?” –  asks a Gobal Post item, going on:

“All he needed was your bank account details, and you’d be well on the way to riches — or at least on the way to seeing your riches siphoned off to an enterprising Nigerian.

But, the story continues,  “Chances are that email was sent from a console somewhere in Festac Town, a quiet, ramshackle suburb of Lagos, Nigeria. Here, a cluster of net cafes are rumored in Lagos’ press to be some of the last holdouts against a Nigerian federal crackdown on the country’s email scammers.”

says the Wikipedia,  “Festac Town is a federal housing estate located along the Lagos-Badagry Expressway in Lagos State, Nigeria. Its name is derived from the acronym FESTAC which stands for Second World African Festival of Arts and Culture which was held there in 1977.

Says the accompanying email >>>

Dear Jon Newton

I am just coming from the bank, where I meet the customer service who advice me
that I should pick an international transfer form ITF, and send to you for you to
fill and submit to them for payment. Here is the form attached to this email.
The bank wants to transfer the money tomorrow as soon as you can meet up with the form.

The bank advised the funds will be transferred immediately so you will
have your money within an hour of sending me the info, providing you
get it to me before the bank closes. It’s now just before 9am so you
have about 7-8 hours to get back to me today.

They also told me that an online account will be open in your name, where you will
login and transfer the money through online banking transfer to your account in your country.

I will be traveling to South Korea tomorrow to invest my money in oil business I
will not be around to complete or answer all correspondence on email or phone number.
I have concluded with the bank to pay you directly. I have giving to them your contact
both email and details they bank are waiting to hear from you before payment will pay to you.

Contact the bank with the bank contact below

Contact Person: Henry Morgan

WallStreet Bank London
Corporate Headquarters
18 Sherwood Street Piccadilly London
W1F 7BR United Kingdom
Phone:  +44 704-572-6516

Give me update on email while I relocate to Korea tomorrow, when I get to my
destination I will notify you. Thank you for everything you have done and I am looking forward to
Spending my commission!

Best Regards,
James Hitchman

From: Jon Newton <>
Subject: Re: [Shaw Suspected Junk Email] Hello
Date: Friday, 1 February, 2013, 5:1

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